Water Filter for Kitchen

Water filter taps are taps designed to dispense filtered water. A water filter tap combines a kitchen tap with an under- sink water filter and helps reduce impurities such as chlorine lime and heavy metals in tap water, which can sometimes give it an unpleasant taste and smell. Depending on their type, these taps are usually installed next to your existing kitchen tap or sometimes may also replace the tap in your kitchen. To know more about the benefits of having a filtered tap in your kitchen, take a look at this interesting guide listed below.

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Why should you install a water filter in your kitchen?

A kitchen is one of those rooms in your home where you usually come in contact with water more frequently. Generally, it is a location here your primary drinking water tap is installed and where you use water for different kind of activities like cooking food, washing your hands, making beverages, doing the dishes or more. Therefore, having access to filtered water in your kitchen can help you experience great benefits, which some of you may not be even aware of.

Benefits of having a water filter kitchen tap

#1: Improves the Flavour of Food and Drinks

Water forms the base when preparing homemade beverages including coffee, iced tea, and lemonade. It is also used to make soups and stews, boil pasta and wash produce. When water is not filtered, the presence of contaminants in water such as fluorine, chlorine and other chemicals will not contribute to the lacklustre colour of food, but will also give your food a distinctive metallic taste. However, when you use filtered water in your kitchen, not only will it improve the taste of beverages such as coffee and tea, but will also help preserve the natural flavour of the food.

#2: Helps Prepare Delicious Baked Goods

When you use unfiltered water for baking, the minerals present in the water can interfere with fermentation and slow down the process. This can also cause the overall gluten structured to become distorted. Additionally, when you use unfiltered water during the baking process, bakes goods produced would be hard and unpalatable. However, using filtered water to bake pastries and bread can help boost the effect of yeast, helping it to rise more and be softer and delicious.

#3: Helps protect your water using appliances

Kitchen appliances such as dish washer or a coffee maker can often get damaged due to the water contaminants, especially minerals like magnesium and calcium. Using filtered water in your kitchen can help problems with these appliances and also help increase their lifespan.

#4: Keeps You Healthy

The harmful contaminants found in unfiltered water can cause various health problems if ingested over a period of time. A great benefit of drinking filtered water is that it only contains beneficial minerals such as calcium and contains no harmful contaminants such as mercury and lead. This allows your body to work in an optimized environment, helping you stay healthy in the long run.

#5: Keeps Kitchen Cleaner

Using hard water when cleaning your kitchen can cause lime scale builds on your kitchen sinks and faucets. Additionally, contaminants like iron present in the water can stain kitchen surfaces. Using filtered water can help keep the surfaces sparkling and make your kitchen look cleaner.

With such innumerable benefits of water filter taps, installing a water filter in your kitchen is one of the effective solutions to enjoy delicious food and stay healthy in an affordable way.